The UCSF-CIRM Scholars Research Training Program offers mentored training and fellowship support to predoctoral, postdoctoral and clinical fellows proposing stem cell and gene therapy projects across the UCSF campus.

The UCSF-CIRM Scholars Research Training Program in Regenerative Medicine, Gene Therapy, and Stem Cell Research aims to prepare the next generation of leaders in regenerative medicine and will support predoctoral trainees, postdoctoral trainees, and clinical trainees who are selected based on scholarship, diversity, impact of proposed project, and promise of becoming a future leader. Trainees will receive a fellowship including annual stipend, a research and travel allowance and funds to offset tuition and fees for predoctoral graduate students and health insurance for postdoctoral and clinical fellows.  Duration of support for graduate students is three years, and two years for postdoctoral and clinical fellows.

The program is overseen by the Eli and Edythe Broad Institute for Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research with training slots available on a competitive basis to trainees proposing mentored stem cell and gene therapy projects across the UCSF campus. Applications will be drawn from a large variety of graduate and professional programs, departments, and campus-wide discovery/translational/clinical science programs spanning a spectrum of disciplines including stem cell biology, developmental biology, gene therapy, cell engineering, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, systems biology, immunology, translation, clinical trials and more.

UCSF has a strong history of training in the stem cell sciences with prior trainees populating a vast array of academic, industrial, and policy positions especially within California. We plan to continue this success through this comprehensive training program that combines curricular activities, research experiences, patient/healthcare interactions, and community outreach. Curricular activities will be personalized to each trainee’s background and include courses in the biology and ethics of regenerative medicine, responsible conduct in stem cell research, and cross-disciplinary electives, as well as journal clubs, seminar series, and retreats. Research experiences will take advantage of a large network of cutting-edge stem cell/ gene therapy research activities at UCSF, including faculty mentors who have committed themselves to this program. Trainees will have unique opportunities to take part in translational projects including GMP production as well as interact directly with patients who could benefit from therapies. Scholars will also teach and mentor other trainees and interface with the broader Bay Area population through community activities.