Welcome 2021-22 UCSF-CIRM Scholars!

The UCSF-CIRM Scholars Training Program is made possible by the generous support of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine via education grant # EDUC4-12812.

The program is overseen by the Eli and Edythe Broad Institute for Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research with training slots available on a competitive basis to trainees proposing stem cell and gene therapy projects across the UCSF campus. The program supports current UCSF scholars: 4 graduate students, 7 postdoctoral fellows, and 2 clinical fellows annually. Applications are drawn from a large variety of graduate and professional programs, departments, and campus-wide discovery/translational/clinical science programs spanning a spectrum of disciplines including stem cell biology, developmental biology, gene therapy, cell engineering, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, systems biology, immunology, translation, clinical trials and more.

The current year application cycle is closed, but will re-open in Fall 2022. Information will be posted on this website.